Transformation of the Court





“Transformation of the Court”


Exhibition Info
Duration: 2019.10.24-2019.11.1
Location: Moca Pavilion (Gate 7 People’s Park. 207 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China)




When people talk about Shanghai’s urban sports landmarks, every sports enthusiast should have a few principles or visions in mind. Riverside has fresh and clean air; The park has a prosperous urban landscape; The campus playground has the youthful vitality. From the hardware installations to the atmosphere, are important evaluation factors, none of them can be absent.

In the exhibition of MoCA Pavilion which opened today, MoCA invites Tommy WANG to join the volunteers and residents of the community to show the viewers from their own perspective—the youth’s dreaming court. Based on urban construction and contemporary culture, themed with the creative renovation of the course, through the observation of the youth on the city, some courses have been improved from the original old appearance through creativity and design, so as to make them become amazing part of the city and become the sport’s landmark of Shanghai.

We hope that through the artistic creation of the young generation, we can not only echo the current youth culture but also combine with the popular sports trend—basketball. Thus, sports and art can become a great combination, and we can do our best to improve the urban infrastructure in the future.


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