Dispel Doom: Empty Chamber Brightness Born



Dispel Doom: Empty Chamber Brightness Born

Constructed from multi-faceted meanings.

Crack, something that has life, a canyon in the natural world, above and below water, outer space, wormhole.

Crack, corresponds to real scars, the gap between the tissue and the cell, and the distance between the iris and the pupil.

The pain in the heart, the lack of emotion, the ashes we annihilated, all the forces between falling and rising.

The physical body covers the tissue, it need not be particularly prominent but it can still be conflicting.

You can find the matching correspondence according to your situation.

This contains my understanding of instinctual consciousness of humanity in its pubescence. I try to delineate the differences between maturity and pre-maturity through the experience of fertility, and further my understanding of humanity before it has matured.

Life is fragile and helpless, decimated in an instant.

Gaze at the civilization in your heart and mourn the lost world.

The ubiquity of life has too many necessities.

Metal and rock music, lit the first candle in my life and inspiring my youthful attitude—from reactive to proactive. The first time I opened my mind, I became more brave.

I never thought that being in an abstract world could be so liberating.

Classical, music is my enlightenment, laying the foundation for me. But for me it can only represent the past, I need more strength to look to the future.

Metal, rock bands seem extreme in the eyes of the public, even to absurd points of negativity. But it seems unlikely for people with real negative emotions to persist creating work in such a niche music culture.

Only those who love life will know how to interpret death. Heading towards death from life, means the ultimate goal of fate.

Those who dare to face the fate of dark nights possess a deboted and powerful soul. The original intention behind creation must be based on sincerity.

For me, this is exactly what it is – the truth, the truth to overcome nothingness, a Nietzsche-style overcoming, the enthusiasm for life and art.

The musical notes are positive, and good music can provide elevate.

What I have gained must be paid back again. This is how I show my gratefulness, and this method must be unconstrained and selfless.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to contribute.

Gothic, the comment I hear the most, an inert way of thinking.

All things have more than one conclusion, there is the typical and the atypical.

For example, I often describe spring as plants growing long green leaves and plants without, which may be a revelation.

Gothic, beautiful and mysterious, but does not represent all darkness.

Dark power and time, space, and quality. A sense of infinity.

The meaning and the integrity will leave more traces, which are not symbolized by me.

For example, the understanding of “Yu Hui” in Asian cultural context.

And I am just the beginning, by knowing right and wrong and conducting myself with integrity.

Chinese young artist. Her works include sculptures, installations, images, costumes,etc.

She focuses on the primitive power of life,

exploring the growth of individuals, the evolution of the group,

and the birth of experience in the connection between inner and outer worlds.