MoCA Pavilion, invites multi-media artists Vito Lau and Liu Li to create works on the theme “The Essence of Concretization,” Artists utilize materials such as, silver paper, translucent film, Acrylic/UV, and interactive installation to represent the metamorphosis of abstract and concrete elements while at the same time inspiring viewers to reflect upon the deep nature of all the things around them. Through the analysis of actual, concrete objects, the images portrayed by the artists through their own life experiences and inner feelings will be reinterpreted, showing viewers that the representation of objects is not only defined by an individual’s perception and memory; it is also the product of an artist’s way of thinking.

Images are one of the earliest ways humans used to record the world around them, and they are also the source of ancient Chinese oracle bone script and the ideographic characters derived there from.

When a person is experiencing a painting, he or she usually, intentionally or unintentionally, search for a concrete image. For example, a red circle is easily interpreted as the sun, and a slender line may be interpreted as a snake. Linking a shape in a painting to something of similar shape that the viewer has seen before is a common aesthetic approach to painting.

Humans have long ago named the things that they see around them. The hard inorganic matter formed by minerals? Rocks. Large rock-like structures above the horizon? Mountains. A refreshing liquid composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom? Water. Vast expanses of water? Seas. What about that spectrum of visible electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun? Sunlight. And that phenomenon where light reflection, refraction and dispersion can be seen via water droplets? Rainbows!

Everything that has not been named and the functions of which have not been discovered (in other words: everything without concept), is an abstract shape or an ethereal object.

The Naming Game, shown during this exhibition, encourages viewers to transform, deconstruct and reorganise the ‘ethereal objects’ that appear on the television, thus forming a special kind of writing, before then naming said writing.

During the exhibition, the MoCA pavilion will be transformed into an open art studio, invite Liu Yingcong, to residence, through the program, to communicate with the audience, and to explore the artist’s creative process.

During “The Essence of Concretization”, the artists hope to express the relationship between image design and art through various media, reflecting how the basic elements that create all kinds of similar or different worlds always remain unchanged. At the same time, they endeavor to further explore the relationship between concrete representation and abstraction from multiple aspects, deepening the understanding of the concept of concreteness by naming abstract objects.

The Essence of Concretization