Cooking Class: Breaking Boundaries Tiramisu

“Breaking Boundaries: Harper’s BAZAAR 150th anniversary exhibition” is jointly presented by MoCA Shanghai and Harper’s BAZAAR. However, boundary-breaking does not stop in fashion; it happens in cuisine as well.

Smooth Mascarpone cheese and the aroma of Kahlua complement lady fingers and sponge cake, creating sophisticated layers of taste for this classic Italian dessert.

The stereotype is that desserts are born with sweetness, but Chef Warren has a different viewpoint. He renovates the Tiramisu recipe with secret ingredients from his grandma, who showed Warren the magic of Chinese cuisine when he was a kid.

Who’s the chef?

Warren is the executive chef of MoCA Restaurant

Originally from Shanghai, executive chef Warren Wu began his culinary career at Three on the Bund under chef-entrepreneur David Laris. He went on to join the team that opened Park Hyatt Shanghai before arriving at MoCA. Experimenting with artistic elements, Warren’s culinary ideas complement the museum beautifully.

Cooking Class: Breaking Boundaries Tiramisu
Warren Wu