《All Happens after Sunset…》——Curator: Xⁿ Office

All Happens after Sunset…

Curator: X Office


Opening: 2017.4.22  18:00


Participating artists:  aaajiao, CHEN Yujun, CHEN Yufan, CHENG Ran, Christophe Demaitre, GUO Ke, GAO Lei, Golnaz Fathi, HU Renyi, HUANG Lei, LI Qing, LIAO Fei, LIN Qing, LIU Wa, LIU Yue, LIU Zhuoquan, LU Chao, NI Youyu, QI lei, SHANG Yixin, SONG Dong, TONG Yixin, WANG Yi, WU Di, WU Juehui, YANG Mushi, YANG Xinguang, YU Ying, ZHANG Ding, ZHANG Jiaxing, ZHOU Yilun, ZHU Xi


It has only been two years since its establishment in April 2015, and MoCA Pavilion has already hosted over 30 exhibitions in its modest space of 36 square meters. This small cubic extension of the main museum is hoped to be a center for art to reverberate throughout the community, a small but open place where young Chinese artists can feel free to experiment and expand upon their creativity, a window to international art exchange, and, most of all, a unique sight within the midst of the vast, enveloping concrete jungle. To ensure that these expectations can be a reality, for this installation, we partnered up with Xⁿ Office, a contemporary art curating group launched by researcher of art history Penny Xu and artist Ni Youyu, and their project, After Sunset, has attracted the largest number of participants to date to the Pavilion as part of the first phase of its 2017 “+Follow+” young artist group exhibition project. MoCA Shanghai started the “+Follow+” initiative in 2010 to follow young Chinese artists in their development, observing them as they mold through their early stages and blossom into maturity, and by doing this, we are all now able to see what the current trends of Chinese contemporary arts ongoing development look like through these artists very own eyes.


A valid light installation is often consisted of the lighting fixture itself, isolated in an empty room, and space illuminated by it. Meanwhile, the audiences are interacting with the installation by either attempting to understand its artistic meaning or simply enjoying the entertaining experience. It may well be asked, if the light installations been put away from the museum/gallery context and the fine art label, will it be more varied? How would it be like to see the scenery of dozens of light installations illuminated in the same space at the same time?


Different light sources, color temperature, brightness, texture will construct a three-dimension and multi-layered image in the space. By blending with and setting off each other, these light installations will become one complete piece of work, which possess the unprecedented resonating power. This power will stimulate the viewers numbness and boredom of ordinary exhibition. And furthermore, it will drive them to really appreciate every distinct character of the art works.


Due to such expectation, we invite over 30 artists to attend the exhibition All Happens after Sunset…” . The exhibition will take place in MoCA Art Pavilion in Shanghai, an art center located on the outside of the People's Park, adjacent to the city's busiest streets. By occurring here, this means that the exhibition will be recognized as an influential landscape, an occasional event, as well as a curiosity-induced seed.


The exhibition will follow several principles as listed:

Only at sunset, all lights will be switched on, from the hustle and bustle of the late night till dawn repeatedly. We expect this busiest neighbourhood of Shanghai will appear a bright, rich and exotic scenery for the passersby to observe all the details; During the daytime, all the original materials are fully exposed orderly or even disorderly in the exhibition hall.


The title of the works, along with the descriptions, will not be provided at the site. Our ultimate intension is just to let it be as it is, as its own free existence. 

Visitors are strictly prohibited. This is not an interactive game for pleasure, but a gorgeous background of a tourist’s selfie, a widely spread social media circle picture, a landmark of a hangout between friends, or even just a rest area for a bottle of beer This may be considered as a mixed exhibition but beyond that is the infinite possibilities.


X Office