Activity | City walk series: Wandering under the shade of trees (Part 1)

Time: 2017 / 6 / 25  (Sunday)15:00-17:00

Leading teacher: ge li DONG (City explorer

Collecting place: Hengshan Park (South Gate)

Number of participants: 20 (RSVP)


This Sunday, we will begin to explore the specialstreets in Shanghai. As the old French Concession,the road is covered by parasol trees, bringing cool surroundings in summer day.

 Walking through elegant living houses and modernflats, we are going to open the stories and history behind the old houses.


Friendly reminder:

Considering the weather is changeable andyou will walk all theway, every participants should make sure to prepare enoughwater, comfortableshoes and the umbrella. 


Activity | City walk series: Footpaths behind the boulevards

Time: 2017 / 6 / 10 (Saturday) 15:30-17:00

Leading teacher: GE Lidong (City explorer)

Number of participants: 20 (RSVP)



A new city walk series is about to begin,

When you walk throughthe bustling Nanjing Rd,

When you walk through the Bund crowed withpeople,

You have felt all nations’ buildings.

Did you ever walked past the old alleybehind the boulevard?

Flourished in the old alley story, the oldalley returns to tame.



Friendly reminder:

Considering the weather is changeable andyou will walk all the way, every participants should make sure to prepare enoughwater, comfortable shoes and the umbrella. 

Creative Salon| Wooden box:Clear up my life

Time: April.30  2pm-4pm

Tutor: ZHUANG Jie

Language: Chinese

Age: Suitable for children aged above 12. Parents required for children under 16.

Number of participants: 20 (RSVP)

Fee: 80RMB Materials / 50RMB for membership

Location:2F, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, 231 West Nanjing Rd.

Notice: If you would like to visit the exhibition, please purchase tickets at the ticket center.


There is no place where office appliances to go such as rubber, clamp, pin... Lets make a fantastic storage box together! Dont worry, my desk will not in a mess any longer.

This week, MoCA sincerely invite you to carry your imagination for creating a particular and exclusive storage box.


Our tutor will give us correct instruction, and glue is left-off during the combination process. In addition, we can paint according to our favor by different color pens.




Major in Art Education

Product designer and handcraft workshop instructor

Music Theatre:“I”Fantasie - Rencontre between Debussy and Du Li Niang

It’s a dream within a dream. In his impressionist music, Debussy, interpreted by a female pianist, comes across Du Liniang, a fictional character from Tang Xianzu’s play The Peony Pavilion. The unexpected dream in the garden, eventually, leads to a romantically tragic ending.

In Rencontre between Debussy and Du Liniang, two masterful art forms rencontre, one of the most rewarding and ancient Chinese music drama Kunqu opera and Claude Debussy’s piano music. This site-specific music theatre aims to recontextualised the connection between performance and expression of eastern and western culture throughout time, genre and gender. It celebrates a transcultural influence that we all share in the current era.

Through the swirling music of Debussy and the elegant gestures of Du Liniang, the audience would often meet a sense of déjà vu. Du Liniang is a déjà vu to Debussy. So does Debussy to “I” in “my” dream. Piano and Kunqu Opera are often seen as two isolated island, yet the work builds a bridge in between. When the boundaries got broke, dream and reality merges. The Stage becomes a grey zone and the theatre transforms.

Director and Producer: GU JIETING

Pianist &“I”: GU JIETING

Du Liniang: LU JIA

Chunxiang: ZHOU JING


Ruan: SHAO CHEN, Sha Mo

Music Rearrangement & Sound Design: JIN  WEIWEI

Visual Art Director: YANG YONGLIANG

Film Director: XU YI

Stage Art Design:TONG WEILIE


Stage Manager: SHI JIAJIA, William FENG

Choreographer: Wang Kaili, Sun Simiao

Camera: Lu Ximen, Shao Yi

Gaffer: Liao Kaijun

• ACT I     Reincarnation

• ACT II    Wandering Garden Interrupted Dream

• ACT III   Moonlit Pavilion

• ACT IV  Shattered Dream Lingering Soul

 ENDING  Awaken

【Performance】Next Performance

PerformanceNext Performance

Artist: MIAO Jiaxin

Planner: ZHANG Hanlu

Time:April 8th, 2016 (Friday) 19:30-20:30

Location: Exhibition Hallat 1st floor of MoCA



The first stage of MIAOJiaxin’s works is photography, and then the performance art; now he is focusedon the practice of cross-media performance. His own body is usually a part ofhis works: curling up naked in the street of NYC, being beaten when hiding inmother’s suitcase and ritually performing his another personality as a Chinesebusinessman in a suit. He once transformed his work studio in Brooklyn into areal-time monitoring cage and lent it for $1 per night to those who werelooking for a place to stay. What his works have been trying to explore is theambiguity and tension between the individual and the authority, also theoperation of identity cognition, race, gender, sex, social status and power.


The performance at MoCAShanghai is the latest presentation of his Next Performance series. Mr. Miaonames his various performance art works at different occasions, institutes andcountries since 2015 Next Performance, which he tries to break the fetter ofthe theme and emphasise the performance itself and the communication with theaudience through the language of body and action. Quote Mr. Miao’s own words,“Next Performance refers to the one after the previous performance, or theprevious one before this performance……Even if there is no Next Performance,there will be another Next Performance. Next Performance doesn't necessarilyfollow something or is followed by something. Next Performance is the present,you and me. This very moment, which is blank, hesitant and serious, is becomingthe Next Performance properly.” In this performance, the artist will use aseries of groceries to connect his language of action and demonstrate ritualbehaviours. Behind all the expected or unexpected improvised scenes, Mr. Miaowill presents the coexistence of individual and authority peacefully, and hewill show the passion and assumption of the individual artist to connect withthe pyramid of the arts world.

Goodnight NY


About Artist:

Born in Shanghai in 1977,MIAO Jiaxin graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currentlysettles in New York.

Admission & Reservation:

50RMB/person, Free/Membership of MoCA, Shanghai. Reservations are required. Forevent booking and more information, please call 63279900-106, or Please provide your name, contact number, andnumber of people in your party. If you hold a member card, please leave us yourmembership number.



Glass Embedment × Contemporary Jewelry Craftsmanship

Time: March 13, 2016(Sunday) 13:30~16:00

Instructor: Pasichnyk Iurii (PhD, Printmaking Dept., National Academy of Fine Arts andArchitecture (Ukraine))

Language: Ukrainian (with Chinese translation)

Number of people: 25

Age:12 years of age or older

Venue: 3F, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai

Co-organizer: CRAFT WORKSHOP


Originating in the stained glass windows of Medieval European churches, today glass art’s gorgeous colors and fantasy textures can be seen in daily life. 

This handicraft activity will lead participants in the use of stained glass materials, teaching them the craftsmanship of glass embedding, such as splicing, winding and reinforcement. Reviving the technique from ancient western history, the workshop intends to return it to secular life. The workshop will lead you on an aesthetic pilgrimage from modern glass art to ancient craftsmanship.

[Workshop] Switch on the 8HZ Mode

Artist: Wang Xin

Time: 4th March 2016 (Friday) 19:30-20:30
Location: 1F, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai

In the workshop, participants will learn how to switch on their “8HZ Mode”, where they will enter α brain wave status, with consciousness, relaxed bodies and constant stimulation of imagination and creativity. At the same time, they would experience an onsite “8 HZ” through the collective hypnosis conducted by the artist.

About Artist:

Xin Wang is a Chinese new media artist working and living in Shanghai. Her work mainly takes in the form of installation, moving images and new media. Unconsciousness, art world system and post-human are keywords in her art creation. Xin is also a certificated hypnotist mainly focusing on exploring the creative way to use hypnosis in the art area. Since 2014, Xin has cooperated with Imago Kinetics and founded the 8HZ Hypnosis Lab in Imago Kinetics’ Art Center in Hangzhou.


Admission & Reservation:

60RMB/person, 50RMB/Membership of MoCA, Shanghai. Reservations are required. For event booking and more information, please call 63279900-106, or email Please provide your name, contact number, and number of people in your party. If you hold a member card, please leave us your membership number.


Performer: DING Yizhi

Time: Jan.30 2016, Sat. 15:00-16:20 

Venue: 3F, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai

Participants: Family (1 adult + 1 child above 5)

Limit of participants: Up to 25 families


Brief Intro:

Magic, an art doing wonders, makes impossible possible. Magicians are passionate about life and have been devoting to bring the passion to everybody. The pursuit of dreams and the desire for happiness have impel them to make “miracles” one after another.

Magician Ding Ding will first perform some wonderful magic tricks including magic ring, unbeatable golden cudgel and miraculous album. Then Ding Ding will teach a interesting magic trick which might make you the coolest among your pals. Why not sign up for it now?


About the performer:

Ding Ding, or Ding Yizhi, as one of the cool and fashionable X-generation, is extremely keen on magic. He is the consultant of the magic society at several universities and the magician for SHCAT. His speciality is various visualized magic and has participated in the program of several TV stations.


Admission & Booking:

150RMB/person, 120RMB/Membership of MoCA, Shanghai. Reservations are required. For event booking and more information, please call 63279900-106, or email Please provide your name, contact number, and number of people in your party. If you hold a member card, please leave us your membership number.

[2016 Art Winter Camp] Travel around the world with me to appreciate arts

Instructor: DING Xueying

Time: January 23th-24th (Saturday to Sunday) 14:00-16:00
Age: 5-11 years old
Location: 3F, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai


This winter will no longer be cold and boring~ the Art Winter Camp in MoCA is coming soon.

This time it will be a two-day camp. We are going to follow the teacher to travel around the world in the first day. Through the trip to America, Sweden, Egypt and China, we will know about art styles and expression forms of different countries and listen to sweet and interesting stories with exoticism. It is also available to play jigsaw puzzle with friends, learning to share and accept creative thinking of each, and eventually complete a little piece of work with geographical culture elements individually.

The next day, kids will sit in the props and settings with exotic features. They can follow the instructions of the teacher, writing, directing and creating a special performance of global arts by themselves. They are going to make the props and sets for their own performances by using the imaginations and knowledge learned before.


About the instructor:

DING Xueying

DING was post graduated from East China Normal University, the major of art education and now she teaches in Fudan middle school. She has been an instructor of kids’ education program in MoCA several times. 


Admission & Booking:

200RMB/person, 180RMB/Membership of MoCA, Shanghai. Reservations are required. For event booking and more information, please call 63279900-106, or email Please provide your name, contact number, and number of people in your party. If you hold a member card, please leave us your membership number.


MoCA New Years Special Feature Craft Workshop | Glass Inlay Workshop

Time: December 27, 2015(Sunday) 13:30~16:30

Instructor: Pasichnyk Iurii (PhD, Printmaking Dept., National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Ukraine))

Language: Ukrainian (with Chinese translation)

Number of people: 20 (In pairs)

Age: 12 years of age or older

Venue: 3F, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai


Prevailing in Middle Ages, colored glass in European churches are always considered as riligious and mysterious. With the changed social values, nowadays colored glass has become popular in our daily life for its gorgeous colors and fantastic textures, and it is possible that glass can be fine art by using craft methods like inlaying and winding. 

As the new year is coming, we’d love to invite you as pairs to join in the workshop instructed by Russian artist Pasichnyk Iurii Ievgenovvych to make a season decoration with colored glasses. Why not take your dear friends and families to the workshop and add a joyful touch to the holiday?

Admission & Booking:

200RMB/person, 180RMB/Membership of MoCA, Shanghai. Reservations are required. For event booking and more information, please call 63279900-106, or email Please provide your name, contact number, and number of people in your party. If you hold a member card, please leave us your membership number.

【MoCA×Make+Workshop】Produce a Film With Your Phone Series 3—The texture of story

Mentor: Mu Jin

Time: 2015 10 31(Saturday)~11 01(Sunday)   12:00PM~17:30PM

Venue: F3, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai 


Brief Introduction

Now we are on a one-way road to an epoch of image when the quality is everything that matters, and your phone should be more than a high-tech product but as a magical video camera trying to record all that we find impressive.

During the first course this year we have had a brief idea of poetic film; the second the key points of documentary shooting and the way to make a stabilizer for shooting. The third course we will focus on the skills and practice of filming, to discover the unlimited potential of the smartphones and make a video of quality.

Meanwhile, during this course Mu Jin will select several participants to join a professional film crew who will make preparation for a smartphone film during the fourth course.

New to our workshop and the courses? As longas you have passion for the film making, it doesnt matter! It is you that are expected to join us on our journey of creation!


Teaching Form:

Oct. 31st (the 1st day)

Case Study: Analyze several mature smartphone films in artistic and technical aspects; explain how to film upgrading effects with the features of the smartphones.

Field Demonstration: Mu Jin will demonstrate how each film is made, teach how to add classic effects by apps and how to output and share your work on your smartphone or other mobile media.

Preparation for the Filming: Participants will form into several groups, choose different styles of classic smartphone film, and then have a detailed filming plan, a technical analysis, get the lens and attachments ready and have a test shot.


Nov. 1st (2nd day)

Real Shot: Participants will have to face all situations such as the lighting and sound conditions, and use the skills and strategies learned the previous day to finish the film.

Instructions on the Finished Films: Works of the participants will be screened; Mu Jin will provide her professional advice, analysis and rating.

Recruit Film Crew: At the end of the course, the Smart Filming Workshop will select for its film crew and discuss the future development of smartphone filming. Also it will have the preparation for the fourth course, which is to work on a smartphone film.



A laptop with film editing softwares and a smartphone (An iPhone will be the best), and basic film-editing skills.

About the Instructor

Mu Jin  Film Director & Artist

Mu Jin, whocurrently lives and works in Shanghai, is an independent film maker and one ofthe few female video artists in China. Graduated from École NationaleSupérieure d’Art de Nancy in France, she did a two-year research project aboutmultimedia and video at Lefresnoy National Modern Art Studio. Her works havebeen selected many times for international film festivals. Videos of Mu Jin aredrawn from the China’s social reality, with “instability” and “drifting” beingthe the core of her theme for artistic creation. Mu Jin tries to start a poetic video journey through documentaries and experimental films and hopes to reflect a floating modern Chinese society with both hope and emptiness by the contrast between reality and illusion.

Cost & Reservation:

¥300/person (1st day: ¥200, 2nd day: ¥100. You can either pick one session or join both sessions.)

¥240/personfor the members of MoCA (1st day: ¥160, 2ndday: ¥80. You can either pick one session or join both sessions.)

The eventneed reservation and can hold at most 30 participants.

Pleasecall 6327 9900-106 to register, or email your name, cellphone number and numberof participants to to make the reservation. If you are our member, please enclose your membership card number.

About Smartphone Filming Workshop :

Smartphone Filming Workshop is co sponsored by Make+, Mu Jin and MoCA in January, 2015. During three course named Film and Poem, Filming While Livingand The Texture of the Story, groups and individuals have gradually taught professional skills about the equipments, lighting, editing and performing. At the last course, smartphone film lovers will form a team to produce a professional work of influence to appeal for more creation of smartphone films and promote the popularity of the art of smartphone film.

About Cooperative Institution:

Make+Art & Technology program is a not for profit program supported solely by volunteers. Make+ wishes to connect the art and tech community, and help realize inspirational projects. Make+ also organize educational workshops, events that dedicated to making and exhibitions to promote the exchanges between different professions, to raise public awareness in creativity and crossover collaborations, and to inspire more creativity.

【SH 7ème Art】French contemporary animation exhibition

Time: 2015 10 24 (Saturday)

18:30-20:00  Animation screening

20:00-21:00  Master class

Venue: F1, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai


Speaker:  Jacques-Rémy Girerd (French)

Language:French (with Chinese translation)

Organizers:Institute of World Film (SHNU), French consulate


This event focused on contemporary French feature film animation. The characteristics of French animation are the creativity, personality,and playfulness expressed throughout the film.  

The event featured a film screening and an artist talk. The film "La prophétiedes grenouilles" was screened during the first half, and then during the second half, director Jacques-Rémy Girerd, the founder of Folimage Valence Productions and the animation school La Poudrière, spoke to the audience about the “inheritance of creativity” in French animation.

Animation screening | La prophétie des grenouilles (2003)

Director: Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Scriptwriter: Jacques-Rémy Girerd / Antoine Lanciaux

Producer: Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Country: France

Duration: 90 minutes



It's a catastrophe! A flood has hit our planet and an unusual group of people are all that remains. Led by Ferdinand, a modern day Noah, this little group have managed to defy the furiously raging elements. People and animals alike are dragged through this incredible whirlpool of an adventure.


Master class | Creationof inheritance

Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Jacques-Rémy Girerd was born in 1952. He enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lyon in1974, and graduated two years later as the top student in his major. Soon afterwards, he started his career directing short Claymation. In 1978, he produced his first short animation, “4000 images foetales”. In 1979-1980, he completed two films, “D'une gompa à l'autre” and “Rien de Spécial”.

In 1984, he founded Folimage Valence Productions in order to produce high quality original animation.

After many successful productions, he founded his own animation school La Poudrièrein 1999.


Admission &Booking:

Reservationsare required.

20RMB / person; 10 RMB / student.

Free/member of [SH 7ème Art] or member of MoCA.

Forevent booking and more information, please call 63279900-106, or email Pleaseprovide your name, contact number, and number of people in your party. If youhold a member card, please leave us your membership number.

【SH 7ème Art】The method of short film

Time: 2015 10 10 (Sunday)  19:00~21:15

Venue: F3, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai


Speakers: [France] Clément Tréhin-Lalanne

[Greman] Jan-Gerrit Seyler

[Croatia] Una Gunjak

 Language: English (with Chinese translation)

[Mid-Autumn FestivalSpecial Activity] Workshop: The Making of Reading Lantern

Time: 14:00-16:00, Saturday, 26 September,2015

Guidance Teacher: QIU Jia (“Patterns, So Much Fun” participating artist), ZHUANG Jie

Shanghai in shades of trees – A Little Lane in the French Concession

Time: 2015 09 20  Sunday  14:00-16:00

Speaker:  Geli Dong (Urban explorer, Independent action)

Jacky Yin (Historical geography lovers, Urban ruins explorer)


Visiting the exhibition brings you only a tip of the full vision of Shanghai. Therefore, MoCA has planned an upcoming special outdoor event, a guided tour into the deepest lanes and alleys, to explore the full Shanghainess of Shanghai with you.

When speaking of ‘Nong tang (Alleys)’, old towns such as Nanshi,Zhabei are names to be recalled most frequently. Generally speaking, impression on the alleys of Shanghai has strong link with rows of Shikumen Architectures as well as the bustling street life. On the contrary, few would discern the connection between Shikumen and high-grade French Concession; instead, they deem the two as totally impertinent. However, there are numerous small alleys with distinct characteristics within the area of French concession. Let’s step into the Nongtang and savor a special ‘Nongtang Trip’.

Routes: Hengshan Rd - Gaoan Rd - Kangping Rd - Wanping Rd - Huaihai Rd - Xingguo Rd


【MoCA Theater Parenting Class】 Taking the initiative for the new semester

Teacher: Xu Xian
Time: 13:30-15:00, Saturday, 29 August, 2015
Participants: One child (grade 2-4 primary school) + one parent
Number of participants: 10-15 pairs
Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai(take the elevator in the side entrance)

Part One
Sounds, body movement, space, tempo and other theatrical elements are integrated into spontaneous parent-child games. The fun of the theater is intimately felt through experiences. 

Part Two
Parent and child exchange their roles in the situational play. They get the opportunity to experience the entirety of the show through playing different characters. Such experience enhances interaction, deepen parent-child relations, and strengthens the closeness.

About the teacher – Xu Xian
Director, playwright, and actress
2nd-level national psychological counsel
Galli-certified theatrical therapist
Graduated from China Communications University with a degree in TV arts directing; Master program in the directing department of the Central Academy of Drama; Ph. D. candidate with China Academy of Art
2nd-level national psychological counsel ,Galli-certified theatrical therapist, and the only special theatrical lecturer from the mainland hired by Inspirees Institute for Creative Arts Therapy (IICAT) 

Used to work with CCTV, BTV gala events and program director; Chinese director for US Shadow Light program; special theatrical instructor of the Trojan Theater; China studio team leader of Italian First Theatrical Therapy Institute; planner and instructor of Parenting Theatrical program with BNU Attached Primary School; Theatrical master studio instructor with Hangzhou International Theater Festival;planner and instructor of parenting theatrical program with Zhejiang Library; and founder of Rainbow Box Studio
Good at spontaneous drama, body language drama, theatrical parenting education, as well as theater planning, directing, execution.   
Theatrical parenting program
The program cultivates the EQ of the kid, helping with expression through body and vocal languages. The kid gets to manage emotion and improves communication through professional theatrical exposure. 
The parent gets to reduce work stress and improves interaction with the kid. The communication between parent and kid is deepened with closer affection and better understanding with each other. The parent and kid get to perform on a cozy theatrical setting. The fun and interactive communication positively influence both parent and kid. 

[2015 Art Summer Camp] A Stroll to Patterns

Time: August 7th-9th (Friday to Sunday)14:00-16:00
Age: 7-12 years old
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai 3rd floor
During the three-day art summer camp, we are going to combine art lectures and workshops. Together with children, we are going to spend a holiday with art and joy.
Theme of the First Day: Creating Out of picture books
Theme of the Second Day: The little 3D Magician
Theme of the Third Day: A Splendid Trip of Image
At the first stop of our summer camp “Creating Out of picture books, kids are going to follow the instructor and have a trip of line created by picture the book master Laura Ljungkvist. They are going to combine various styles and designs of different objects to create a work of paper relievo.
The second stop will consist of “The little 3D Magicianand A Splendid Trip of Image. Kids are going to make productive use of wasted materials to design a three-dimensional sculpture with their own imagination and creation. By using different patterns to decorate the surface of their sculptures, the work of art can be a unique of of their own.  

【MoCA × Make+ Workshop】Produce a Film With Your Phone Series 2

Tutor: Mu Jin

Time: June 13th, 2015-June 14th, 2015 (Saturday- Sunday), 10:00AM-17:00PM


The first day will focus on the analysis of classic documentaries from home and abroad. Emphases will be laid on special and unforeseen circumstances during the filming of documentaries; how cellphones have advantages over other devices during this process; how to use a simple device like a cellphone to shoot emergency, as well as how the distinguishing feature of phone shooting can be merged into the originality of a documentary.

The second day will follow up the knowledge and techniques taught on the first day. There will be on site shooting, demonstrations, editing and presentations. During the presentations professional analysis and evaluations will be given.


A laptop with film editing software and a smart phone is needed (iphone will be strongly preferred). Basic knowledge of editing is encouraged.


The development of an era is accompanied by its unique way of recording: from hand written journal to online blog, and to mobile movie. Everyone can shoot and make movies without the limitation of time and space. A cell phone is probably the recording tool of closest touch with our life. Its portability, mobility and high efficiency make its shooting all pervasive, and new life is thus injected into the production of documentaries when there is a breakthrough in tradition.The plebification of mobile movies’ mode of discourse indicates the coming of a new era in which documentaries will be re-interpreted.

During our first mobile movie workshop at the beginning of 2015, many has learned how to shoot poetic movies. In our coming workshop, tutor Mu Jin will combine “recording” with “state of living” closely, and teach the technique of recording with phone. Through learning, let us produce well made documentaries with cell phones that we get along with every day. 

About the Tutor:

Mu Jin Director/Artist

An independent filmmaker and one of the few female video artists in China, now working in Shanghai. She graduated from Ecole des beaux arts de Nancy, and later spent two years finishing the research into multi-media and video program in Le Fresnoy. Her video works are selected in International Film Festival for a few times. Mu Jin’s video works are drawn from the social reality of China. “Instability” and “drift” has long been the core themes of her production. Mu Jin attempts to open up a poetic video journey out of documentaries and experimental films, hoping to reflect a floating modern society where hope and emptiness coexist through the biprism of reality and imagination.

About the Partner:

Make+ exchange program of art and science encourages interdisciplinary cooperation as well as the sharing of production process and experience. It is devoted to promote creative thinking and making. The ultimate goal of Make+ is to establish a platform for individuals or groups with ideas and creativity to communicate and share, and to build a community full of creation, learning and sharing.

【Workshop】 Rubber Stamp from the Heart

Handwork Director: Xiao xiaojie, Zhou Jiachun(Participating Artist of Patterns, So Much Fun!)

Time: 14:00-16:00, June 7th (Sunday), 2015

Location: 3rd floor MoCA Shanghai (entrance at the side door)


Have you ever thought about how a tiny object, even when you hold it in your palm, control it with tips of your fingers, or elaborately carve it with force of hands at every moment, still, fails to express art at its supreme value.

She is hardly unreachable as prints are, nor does she require that many tools. Your fingers can endow everything on earth with life as long as you devote yourself with your vision, mind, persistence and creativity.

Please follow me and take up the tiny eraser as well as the graver. Let us sketch the precise picture, create the rubber stamp of your own and imprint a flawless postcard. With summer almost here, why not pick up the long absent leisure and join us in the authentic joy brought by the creative handcrafting.   

Admission & Booking: 
Material Fee: 50RMB/person. 40RMB/per student, Free/MoCA Membership. Reservations are required. For event booking and more information, please call 63279900-106,or email Please provide your name, contact number, and number of people in your party. 

【Workshop】Mandala with Strawberry

Guide: Xu Ping
Time: 2.30-4.00, May.24th(Sunday), 2015

Location: MoCA Pavilion (Near Gate No.7 of Renmin Park, No.231, West Nanjing Road)
‘Art as symptom; art as healing.’

Introduction of the workshop:
Mandala perception painting is one of a serie of psychology practitioner, Jiezi Xuping’s Mandala mental creativity workshops.

Originally, ‘mandala’ is an esoteric Dharma of Buddhism. A visualized Mandala, is regarded as a mirror of ones’s real disposition and an epitome of the boundless universe. Mandala is constant state of balance, symbolizing the unity of all opposites. It contains both Yin and Yang, heaven and hell. Only when we are willing to face our own fear and the dark side of ourselves has life the chance to convert.

In May, the so-called heyday of strawberries, the sweet fragrance of strawberries is tantalizing. In this workshop, food , sense and psychology will be linked together through Mandala painting. Let the taste on your tongue ignite the universe within and then share your unique spiritual world with us!

Introduction of Mandala painting:
‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit word, which represents ‘full roundness’, ‘aggregation’, ‘dkyil-vkhor’, etc. ‘Manda’ means essence, spirit and mind; ‘la’ means possession, ownership and achievement. Mndala is an image where sacred cosmo and psychological sphere gaze at each other, demonstrating the reality of universe from the perspective of Buddhism.

‘Mandala’ is the geometic depiction of all things on earth. It is endowed with religious cosmology, showing a spatial concept congenial to ‘Cosmic Spice’, on behalf of both a physical phenomenon and a spiritual prototylpe. Genrally speaking, everything is Mandala, even as tiny as a human cell.

Moreover, Mandala is an abstract delineation of human mental structure which can be traced back to similar patterns in the Paleolithic Age. It has been discovered in mythology, tribal legend and primitive art of various ancient civilizations.

Jung reckoned Mandala as the ultimate springhead of brain sturcture, counsciouness and unconsciousness, in addition, a supreme mark of harmony as well. Reed saw it as one of the remains entrenched deeply in human mind through the past hundreds of thousands of years. Mandala leaves people with an impression of fullness, intactness and integration, prompting insightful thoughts and infinite meditation.

Mandala is an integration/aggregation, but quite different from the one defined by other disciplines. It is an attractive and harmonious combination of shapes, welcomed by not only children but also adults.

About the guide:

Xu Ping
The initiator of Jiezi Studio and ‘Art as Symptom’
Private art-psychology consultant; National secondary psychological consultant

Follow the guidelines of Jungian psychoanalysis and psychodynamics, offer service in forms of talking and creative art in fields of long-term personal growth, community growth, intimacy, physical and mental capabilities of children development, creative / arts workers and team psychological consolidation, creativity inspiration and so on. 

Explorer and practitioner of the intergrated application of dream theory, MBTI personality type, Mandala painting and psychoanalysis; the first one to blend the theory of team dynamic basing on MBTI personality types into double or multiplayer Mandala painting and psychoanalysis.

Engage in or initiate a serie of art-psychological experience activies and experimental salons including ‘Find out Hesse and Jung’, ‘Selling Dreams’.

Admission & Booking:

80 RMB for material fee(The space for this event is limited to 10 participators). For booking or more information please contact us at or by phone at 63279900-106.

Live painting by Toru Harada&【LIVE SET】LIFE cell/le fou(SF)

Artist: Toru Harada

Time: 7:00-9:00pm, April 29th (Wednesday) , 2015
Venue: Entrance of Gate7,People’s Park,231 Nanjing West Road

This is one part of "MoCA Pavilion Hexhedron Art Project by Toru Harada"
On the night of April.29th, Toru Harada is going to bring the audience with relaxing art and mellifluous music. Come and join us!

About the artist:
Toru Harada
Born in Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu Japan, now live in Shanghai.
One of the founders of independent creative space Attic Shanghai and independent creative platform Ronin Agency.
Toru Harada received professional training in painting, sculpture, furniture design and other artistic media. His creations range from graphic designs to sculptures.
The styled use of simplest structure and thick lines makes his works special.
His original use of concept and skilled mosaic painting style and techniques show his profound artistic connotation.
Toru Harada will use simplest designs, bold line elements and combine the features of exhibition space as to leave a brand new impression on audiences.

[Public Performance] MoCA Pavilion “The Maids in Enclave”

MoCA Pavilion “The Maids in Enclave”, Performance will be launched at 19:30- 21:00, April 15th. We are expecting your visit.
Scene One: 19:30-19:45
Scene Two: 20:00-20:15
Scene Three: 20:30-20:45

(Please note that each scene is different. You can feel free to enjoy our show whenever time permits, but full participation is highly recommended.)

During intervals, video works will be shown and the space will open to the audiences. 
During performance, the space will remain closed. Thanks for your understanding.

Reservation is not required. We are sincerely looking forward to your visit!

Color of Spring----Floral Fabric Bags

Guide teacher: Zhuang Jie

Time: 14:00-16:00, March 29th (Sunday), 2015

Spring, the exuberant season wheneverything is awake again, is approaching. According to poets, spring isbeautiful due to the sprouting of trees; it is also breath-taking because ofmyriads of blossoms. How is spring like in your eyes? Let’s use cloths of newmaterials to make a unique bag decorated with fabric flowers rich with spring by yourself!

Admission & Booking: 
Material Fee: 100RMB/person, 80RMB/per student, 80RMB /MoCA Membership.  [You are allowed to visit exhibitions of "i-Gu Changwei’s Contemporary Art Exhibition” with the event ticket], Reservations are required. For event booking and more information, please call 63279900-106,or email Please provide your name, contact number, and number of people in your party. If you hold a member card, please leave us your membership number.

[MoCA Lantern Festival Special Activity] workshop – Crazy Rabbit Lanterns

Time: 2PM – 4 PM, March 1st(Sunday),2015

Guidance Teacher: Zhuang Jie



Lantern festival must have rabbit lanterns.Doesn’t matter if you are a romantic girl or a chic guy, you canexperience and create your own unique lantern this Lantern Festival. Light upyour wishes, display your talents and have fun, the most special lantern of allwill be made by you.


Admission & Booking:
Material Fee: 80RMB/person. 60RMB/per student, Free/MoCA Membership.  [You are allowed to visit exhibitions of "i-GuChangwei’s Contemporary Art Exhibition” with the event ticket],Reservations are required. For event booking and more information, please call63279900-106,or email Please provide your name,contact number, and number of people in your party. If you hold a member card,please leave us your membership number.

[MOCA ×Make+workshop]Series of using cell phone to film movies—movies and poems

Professor: Mu jin
Date: 2015.1.10-2015.1.11 (Sunday)10:00AM – 17:00PM
Teaching form:
The first day is to teach the basic filming knowledge indoor. Professor will introduce all external lenses, analysis the domestic and foreign cases and teach how to shoot the emotion by using light source and equipment
You need to bring laptop that contains film edit app and smart phones (prefer iPhone). Also you need to learn some basic edit knowledge ahead.
Nowadays, cell phones are no longer tools to make a phone call. They are the external of our organ. Through them, we can see a different world from varies aspects. The improvement of the cell phone imaging technology and apps makes it possible to shoot a film that contains individual emotion. It is easier to add human subjective emotion into the film because its unique size and external malleable shooting device. In this way, we can film more meaningful products.
Do you remember the days learning how to film and conduct a project in MOCA last August? You must be familiar to those picture!
Professor Mu Jin has been cooperated with us since January this year. She is now backing with her courses about the cell phone movie series. During the three courses she will teach technology about equipment, edit, performance and so on through group works. During the course, she will also share the excellent project of herself and other people. What’s more, during the last course, she will call on cell phone film lover to conduct influential project so as to encourage more people to conduct cell phone movies.
If you are a cell phone lover or photography lover or edit lover, we are looking forward to see you here!
About professor:
Mu Jin:  Director/ Artist
She graduated from Nancy National Higher Institute of the Arts. She worked in LeFresnoy National Modern Art Studio for two years and completed a research on multimedia and image project. As an independent film director and oe of the few Chinese female video artists, she is now living in Shanghai.
Her projects have been selected in international film festivals, including the 2010 the French Cannes International Film Festival short film unit, nominated in 2012 France Air festival, nominated best director in 2012 Madrid International Film Festival and won the 2012 French Video forms Art Film Festival Awards.
About MAKE+:
MAKE+ is made up of a group of volunteers who are curious about all things. We have artists, designers, architects, engineers and chefs. We work hard to introduce fun events and activities across boarders, allowing art, design, technology and science to be happy together. “What Are They Doing?!” is a joint initiative to promote experimental music between MAKE+ and Yin Yi, to let more people know that experimental music really is and what are they doing.
300RMB/per person(200RMB for first day, 100RMB for second day. You can choose each of the day or both of it)
240RMB/MoCA Membership
Admission & Booking (Please choose one form)
1.      Please call 63279900-106,or email, tell us your name, contact number, and number of people in your party. If you hold a member card, please leave us your membership number.
2.      Please click on the following URL to complete the reservation:

[MoCA Special Performance]Physical theatre:Intonating in the Time of Poetry

Time: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm, January 10th, (Saturday), 2015
Venue: First Floor, MoCA Shanghai 


Zhen sheng, a wealthy young man who was heading to Beijing to attend examinations met a famous prostitute Li Wa accidentally and became her boyfriend. As time flies, Zhen sheng has spent all his money one year later. So he was abandoned by Li Wa and her mother. After suffering several hard times, Zhen got a job in a funeral shop as an elegy singer. Later, his father who was also in Beijing found him. His father felt shocked but also angry because he thought so ashamed for his son. He scourged Zhen almost to die and abandoned him in wildness. Fortunately Zhen’s friend saved him. He then became a beggar and had to live on street. Even the woman who liked him before cannot recognize him since he has changed dramatically. What’s more, his friends didn’t do him a favor when he was in difficulty confused him. On the other hand, Li Wa changed her viewpoint to care him. However, a man holding a Zhu Xiao (a Chinese instrument) who is sophisticated is waiting for him in the distance and smiling.

About Physical theatre

It is considered that performance is the only one that can not be canceled during the drama. Actually, it is a performance of body. Body is more important than language. A professional performer trains for his body sensibility, self-insight, breath and rhythm, neutrality and as well as the divinity. Body is the media to feel and express the world. It is a work itself.
About the theater company Uncertainty Theatre Company was established in November 2014. The company is dedicated to the drama practice in folk, experimental and freedom. Most of its performances are original and were published in Xiahemicang. The main members are made by poet, visual artist, students and some theater professionals. Its drama idea is strongly influenced by Jerzy Grotowski’s “Poor Theater”, AntonninArtaud’s ”Theatre of Cruelty” and Schechner’s "environmental theatre" theories. “We try to experience all the possibilities in the drama. We try to discover the secret of the nature during the performance. We try to find more in ourselves as well as in others. During the drama, audiences may experience these truths they ignore in daily lives. We also like to take this opportunity to build the connection between individual and individual, individuals and the world which is vital to all of human beings.”

MoCA Creative Salon Workshop: Water and oil Typography - lithographs Workshop

Handwork Instructor: Yang Mo
Time: 2p.m.-4p.m.November 22th(Saturday),2014
Since the late 18th century, Aloys Senefelder, a German who invited lithography which has been widely used as offset printing technology in the industry till now. Lithography has experienced hundreds of years of development and it continues to play its role. A large number of artists also created their own works through this unique form, Marc Chagall, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Edvard Munch., Picasso....... Although the limitations of equipments and materials hindered the development of lithographs which led it is not well-known by the public, a batch of printers through their enthusiasm and wisdom to come up with a variety of materials and methods to make lithographs easier. We hope everyone can print out their first lithographs and have fun through this lithographs workshop.
About Handwork Instructor:
Yang Mo
Printmaking artist. After the graduation from printmaking major at the art institute, Yang continued a study tour on engraving art in Germany, and his works have been exhibited in China and Germany. After his engagement in advertising and interactive design works, he resumed personal printmaking and tried in different ways to present printmaking art to Chinese young people and our modern life. Besides, he founded Printmaking Workshop "PressMatter" in 2013.

MoCA x World Music Shanghai Show: INFINITEART—— “An Event About Wind”

Artist: Vivi He / Jane Wang / Alvaro / Renaud / Lu Hai
Time: 2:30p.m.-3:30p.m.,Oct.12th(Sunday)
Location: 2F, MoCA Shanghai 
Organizer: World Music Shanghi, MoCA Shanghai
According to the website: , so far in this year ( till 12th October 2014), there were six typhoon in China. They are: 14th June, no.7 “海贝思”, 12th July no.9 “威马逊”, 18th July “麦德姆”, 30th July the twin typhoon “娜基莉” and “夏浪”, 12th September no. 15 “海鸥”, and the very recent one on 18th September “凤凰”.
People who live near the East Sea Area, including Zhejiang Provence, Shanghai, Fujian Provence, are not alien with typhoon. When typhoon performs her art, no one would miss noticing it. But when she is done in 2 days, soon enough, no one would remember her again.  However, people keep naming typhoon, and liken them with personalities, and stories. Again, they are forgotten like any passengers on the street.
The concept of this work came in a typhoon day. So there are many “windy” instruments employed in the piece, to attempt to memo this data. Is the typhoon 娜基莉,or 凤凰, or 威马逊 that gives birth to the work? No way to verify already.
About performer: 
INFINITEART team is composed of artists of varied creative media, with a focal point on experiments and collaboration.
Artists:He Yu (Body), Wang Zheng (Indian harmonium and Sanskrit chants), Alvaro (Indian Harmonium and body), Renaud (Australian didgeridoo, African drum, Chinese flute, and jaw’s harp), and Lu hai / Gu Zhujun (Chinese Guqin).
About World Music Shanghi:
From September to November, 2014, World Music Shanghai welcomes its 7th edition. As a green, curable and deep listening music feast, it will present 7 exquisite indoor concerts, 2 outdoor green festivals, as well as a series of lectures, film screenings and workshops that lasts three months. It features 14 acclaimed music groups from the five continents and a number of world-class music masters.
World Music Shanghai 2014 features some of the greatest musicians of our time, including,
- Stephan Micus, the world class master and multi-instrumental genius who has released over 20 albums under the renowned ECM label;
- Gochag Askarov, the top Azerbaijan mugham artist and the western musical press often compares his singing manner with that of Pakistani Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or even Luciano Pavarotti.
- Urna Chahar-Tugchi, the leading Berlin-based Mongolian singer with a stunning voice like “a delicate instrument with four octave range”.
- Huun - Huur - Tu, the legendary Tuvan throat-singing group that has won the international acclaims during the past two decades.
- Jambinai, an award-winning post-rock/world music hybrid acts that has created some of the most innovative sounds in Korea’s underground scene.
- Ramzailech,“hardcore klezmer”from the new era of Israel.
- Kroke, the touching Polish trio established since 1992 that has been invited to perform for Schindler's List.
- Badi Assad, the Brazilian guitar queen and an electrifying performing artist on stage.
- The most beautiful voices from Maori: Maisey Rika & Toni Huata
- Some of the best local world music acts including Tango Libertad, SoundScape,The Randy Abel Stable and Studio 188…
With various “strange” instruments that have never been seen before and a bunch of names that are difficult to pronunciate, World Music Shanghai 2014 aims to provide the best stage in Shanghai for those powerful and beautiful music from “elsewhere”.
More Information of World Music Shanghai 2014 please refer to official website & wechat:

MoCA x Make +Workshop: Smartphone Filming

Lecturer: Mu Jin
Date: 10:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. August 17th. (Sunday), 2014
Ages: Above 16
Fee: 200 RMB / person, 160RMB/ MoCA Shanghai Member
Language: Chinese
Requirements:  Each audience should come with film editing softwares in their laptops or smartphones (preferably iPhone) , a basic knowledge of film editing is demanded.
What else can we do with our mobile phones except selfie, Wechat,  Didi,  Dianping, etc., The smartphone has already been integrated with our daily lives. We could escape meals in a day, but couldn’t live without the cell phone. Therefore, how will the mobile phone filming change our way of viewing the movie? MoCA x Make + hopes to have a depth of excavation on the mobile phone through this workshop to explore the possibilities in art, together with friends who like movies, who are complete “Phone Freak”, who love checking phone ceaselessly, as well as those who are accustomed to using a mobile phone as a camera, a video recorder or a computer, or anything else separated from the call function.
We will share various of mobile phone film cases and stories in the workshop, and the audience will be interacted with the group to learn the script, lighting, filming and post-production handsets together and then make a movie to explore the possibility of future shooting of mobile phones.
About speaker :
Mu Jin,  director / artist. Graduated from ENSA Nancy, France; Completed  two year’s research work on multimedia and video project in LeFresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, France.  As an independent filmmaker and one of the few Chinese female recording artists, her video works have been selected into many international film festivals, including the 2010 Cannes International Film Festival Short Film Corner unit; 2010 Air France Talent Award nomination; Best Director nomination in 2012 Madrid International Film Festival, Spain; 2012 French Video forms Art Film Festival Awards.
Mobile shot movie samples:
It is a five-minute fragment intercepted from the 45 minutes mobile video of Mu JIn, which was basically shot by mobile phone.
About Make+:
Make +is an exchange program to encourage cross-border cooperation in art and technology and sharing creative process and experience, which is committed to promoting creative thinking and production. The ultimate goal is to establish a platform for creative individuals or groups to share and exchange ideas freely, and then create a community for learning and sharing.​

MoCA Membership Special Event: Aura of Poetry “Finite Element” — Physical Intera

Artist: Qiu Anxiong
Performer: WANG Jiajun, MU He, YANG Yeke, LI Zhimo, Joanna LIU
The artist Qiu Anxiong explores the relationship between the human body on the one side and society and nature on the other. In the exhibition “Aura of Poetry”, Qiu invites the audience to experience the mixed time and space opened up to the human body.
MoCA Shanghai provides this special event for MoCA memberships, and invites professional dancers to interact with the image art work, which will not only present the audience the relationship between the body and the visual content, but also shows a powerful narrative carrying on in multiple layers of space and time.
Performance Schedule:
Round I: 18:30-19:00,August 7th,(Thursday)
Round II: 19:15 -19:45,August 7th,(Thursday)

Special Summer Event--African Drum Manding Musical Journey

Speaker: Wan Xuan 

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm, August 2nd,(Saturday),2014 

Language: Chinese 



With a wide stretch of land, brilliant colors, pure drums, happy rhythm, gorgeous dancing, here is Africa. In traditional Africa, the drum is an integral part of the most important African instruments, which is also regarded as the symbol of African culture. 

The event is divided into the following sections: 1. Appreciation of unique African Manding music culture 2. culture and history of African drum 3. African drum live performance and interaction. 

Wan Xuan will lead us to have a look at the western African region in her speech, and together to explore the mysterious and unique culture of the West African Manding music, and also feel the free-spirited melody of African drum.



Museum of Contemporary Art,Shanghai

Home of African Drum and Dance Club CHINA

 “LABILA – Freedom” Manding West African Drum & Dance Group

Shanghai Xiayi Culture and Arts Studio

About Speaker: 

Wan Xuan (Vivii), Founder at Home of African Drum and Dance Club CHINA and “LABILA – Freedom” Manding West African Drum & Dance Group. She can not stop the love and study of African music and art culture since 2008 when she began to study drumming. Vivii regularly plans and organizes various of gathering events about African drums and large-scale African drum theatrical performances, which aims to spread further the African music and Art Culture.

Workshops – Front News

Instructor: Li Qingyue, Born in Shanghai in 1981, has been engaged in painting illustrations and cover works for major newspapers, magazines and children's publications.
Time: 2 p.m. - 4 p.m., May. 24th -25th, (Saturday - Sunday), 2014
Language: Chinese
Venue: 3F, MoCA Shanghai, (please go to the third floor by elevator)
The independent magazine is operated and published by individuals or small groups, which is aroused in today's society, with features of independent thinking, sounds and visuals.
Artist Li Qingyue prefers to use traditional techniques to create independent magazines, and she is in favor of creating in the traditional paper form. In this workshop, we will be with the artist and make an independent magazine in a traditional way.
2 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.- 4 p.m., May. 24th (Saturday)
"Individual Annal" sharing session. Artist Li Qingyue will be with her best friends and share independent magazines to the audience.
2 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.- 4 p.m., May.25th,(Sunday)
According to the previous day's sharing, we will discover and record daily life, and operate our own newspaper, Your Chief Editor.

Improvised Music Animation Live Audio: The Sparrow and the Raven + Christian Ber

Host: Kaimei Wang (Curator, Art writer)

Artists:Chai Mi、Christian Berg


Time: 2p.m.- 4p.m., April. 26th (Saturday), 2014

Venue: 3F, MoCA Shanghai, (please go to the third floor by elevator)



The Sparrow and the Raven is an improvising live performance presented through collaboration between Chinese new media artist Chai Mi and Swedish electric musician Christian Berg. Through the mixture of images and music live performed on stage, the audience will experience a storyline told through the changes of animated images and their internal play with the music. Each performance is different responding to the space, the audience reaction and the meeting between the artist and the musician.

After the live performance, the critic Wang Kaimei will have a dialogue with two artists to share the story behind this improvised musical animated live show.


The Synopsis: 

A newborn sparrow, a baby-raven just broke the shell, quite by accident, they meet and start a flying journey together. Under the kaleidoscopic sky everything is new and wonderful, strange and scary. Is it only the clouds that change forms? Or maybe it is the birds themselves that transform. In the world of magic,everything can happen….  


About Host:

Kaimei Olsson Wang

Born in Inner Mongolia, studied in Beijing, lived and worked for long time in Sweden and Singapore before Kaimei moved back to China and Shanghai. Kaimei’s work has always been dealing with building up understanding between different cultures. She used to work as the Nordic correspondent for Xinhua News Agency in Sweden. Kaimei holds a MA on Contemporary Art from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She is now an independent art critic and frequent contributor to some of the most influential magazines on Chinese contemporary art such as Art China, Randian and Art Forum.

About the Artists:

Chai Mi

Chai Mi studied animation films in Tsing-Hua University in Beijing. Her fine art practices involve a wide range of media, like painting, paper-craft, animation and live performing. The Sparrow and The Raven has been chosen to preform at the opening of the prestigious Quebec International Animation Film Festival in December 2013.  Insisting on the handcraft quality of her images, Chai’s colorful and original animations overlook the growth of youth with self-employed sensitivity, humor and powerful imagination.   

Christian Berg

Christian is a member of the Swedishelectronic pop group Kite. Since 2008, Kite has released 3 CDs and each received very good critic responses. They participate many of the international electronic music festivals. From January 2014, Christian started as artist in residence at the Swatch Art Center in Shanghai. The Sparrow and the Raven will be the first cross border art experiment Christian is going to do with a Chinese visual artist.  Improvising performance expands his music territory towards something more mythical, unexpected roaming towards dreamland.

Workshop: Let’s get to know Kusama Yayoyi

Tutor: Xiao Longhua
Date: 2p.m.- 4 p.m., Mar.1st-Mar.2nd (Sat-Sun), 2014
Language: Chinese
Venue: 3F, MoCA Shanghai, (please go to the third floor by elevator)
Mar. 1st Sat 14:00-16:00
Visiting the exhibition under the guide of educators of the education department of MoCA and being introduced to Kusama Yayoyi. 
Mar. 2nd Sun 14:00-16:00
Re-explaining the classic theme of Kusama Yayoyi according to yesterday’s lesson. Note: We will prepare basic tools and materials. Please take your own materials if you need according to your creation. 
Introduction of the tutor:
Xiao Longhua, born in Shanghai in 1982, graduated from oil-painting major of Shanghai University in 2004 and now lives and works in Shanghai. His creation involves decoration, illustration, comics and so on.

Workshops: A Dream I Dreamed - the creation of derivatives

Creative Instructor: Zhuang Jie
Time: 2 p.m.- 4p.m., Feb.22th-Feb.23th(Saturday-Sunday),2014
Language: Chinese
Venue: 3F, MoCA Shanghai, (please go to the third floor by elevator)
Do you want to have a self-designed derivative from the exhibition of KUSAMA YAYOI? As long as you participate in our workshop, you will be inspired through the exhibition experience, and with the guidance of the creative instructor, you will be able to use Japanese dye-based technology to create repeating and dense images on the materials, then you will take away an exhibition derivative which belongs to your own .