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Lecture: Aritsts and their friends – No.1 | The Rules of the Game

As part of our new lecture series, “Artists and Their Friends,” we were delighted to invite artists Yin Yi and Shi Zhiying as guest speakers on January 1st . As part of their current exhibition, Yin and Shi explained their rules of playing, “The Glass Bead Game.”

“The Glass Bead Game” derives from the title of a Herman Hesse novel, which talks about conflicts and solutions between the real world and utopian society. Shi was highly inspired by the writing style and composition of the novel. Feeling constrained by her systematic art training since childhood, Shi has tried different ways to express her ideas, such as learning printmaking and introducing new ideas to break old rules.

Yin Yi is a passionate artist. His areas of interest includes rock & roll, experimental music, sound art, studio music, live performance and sound installation. Unlike Shi Zhiying, Yin Yi explores his own rules. He forms his own system by learning from predecessors’ experience and rules.

“The Glass Bead Game” revolves around vision and hearing, how painting and sound show different kinds of “time” and “texture.” Cognition and practice intervene in different media. Here Shi Zhiying explores the natural attribute of sound, while depicting irregularities of glass beads over time, and Yin Yi uses voice to explore the shape and texture of painting.

This exhibition marks the culmination of both artists’ working process and collaboration. They expressed the wish for audiences to explore the relationship between sound and painting by breaking their own boundaries and finding more flexible ways to see and to hear.

About Aritist

Shi Zhiying
Born in 1979, Shi Zhiying graduated with a Masters Degree in Oil Painting at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. She currently lives and works in Shanghai.

Yin Yi
Born in 1978, Yin Yi’s work encompasses sound, video, installation, experimental electronic music and phonography.

Lecture: Aritsts and their friends – No.1
The Rules of the Game
Shi Zhiying
Yin Yi