Exhibition Info


In the <The Floating Lives>exhibition, the artist takes people as the basic point and focuses on the individuals in the news and events to construct a group of people. Then the painting works are placed in the smart device, and they are given the second creation with the intelligent program. The “generated” works will be displayed in contrast with the original, forming a binary opposition between the human and the intelligent program, leaving the audiences with a certain thinking space. In the fun and humorous creative language, the artist will lead the audience into the discussion of the artistic context in the era of science and technology.



Artist Intro

Zhang Ying, born in Wuhan Hubei in Jan. 1990




2016 Participated in the solo exhibition “Conspiring In The Corner”

2017 Planned and participated in the art project “System Restart” at North Bund 111

2017 Participated in the Shanghai International Art Festival “Our Story” Exhibition