Reading City: Shanghai Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is famous for its shopping. Many of Shanghai’s goods from the 1960s to the 1980s were taken from Nanjing Road to the rest of the country, and also brought Shanghai a new sense design and lifestyle. Today, the goods of Nanjing Road come from every single continent, and Shanghai’s voracious consumerism is still vital to the city.


Although there are only 30 items on display, it is easy to see the various fashion trends and influences that Shanghai’s designs have been through throughout the years. Some of these items are original designs of some store or venue, and some of them are assumed to restorations of items that were at mall at some point in the past. These items will be shown to the public, along with a commercial distribution map of Nanjing Road in the mid-1980s.


Searching for the designers of these items is also one of the purposes of this exhibition. He or she may be your senior, your colleague, or even your neighbor. Through the response of more participants, we hope to look back at these Shanghainese designs and the ever changing scenery of Nanjing Road.

Jiang Qinggong

JIANG Qing Gong, born in Shanghai in 1960, graphic designer for over 20 years, is now the art director for Shanghai view studio. As an observer and researcher of urban culture and design culture, he has been engaged in publishing projects, design education activities and numerous public events such as exhibitions and lectures. He is also author of Shanghai Typography: 1900-2014, Shanghai Height and other over 10 publications on visual arts and design.