Stroll The Line Series: Phenakistoscope

Exhibition “Phenakistoscope” is part of the second stage of MoCA Pavilion’s Stroll The Line Series in 2019. Stroll The Line Series is MoCA Pavilion’s project on exhibiting animation works as part of Animamix Biennale’s project, which combines traditional narratives with contemporary contexts to express new and innovative concepts of Animamix.

Feinaki Animation Gang is a free organization that specializes in GIF animation creation and marketing, and has gathered a multitude of accomplished independent animators. The name Feinaki Animation Gang originated from the etymological beginnings of animation- Phenakistoscope. Curator SHEN Chuchu has aptly named the current exhibit Phenakistoscope as an image to the origins of animation. In doing so, SHEN Chuchu intends to delineate animation from film and GIF from animation.

Museum of Contemporary Art , Shanghai will collaborate with leading animation and manga artists to disrupt audience members’ conventional understanding of “Animation” by using a range of expressive artworks. These works of art eliminate the need for conventional language systems by using hieroglyphs. This method of expression breaks the constraints associated with time, culture and region, thereby inspiring and resonating the audience members’ passion, and bringing about a new wave of interest in Chinese Animation art.

The exhibition will be presented through a combination of texts and objects in order to immerse and educate audience members through their interactions with Phenakistoscope.

Curator: Shen Chuchu

Artist of Feinaki Animation Gang:WEI Shilei, AMAO, CAI Caibei, CHEN Chen,CHEN Lianhua, InkeeWang, LUO Sijia, SANGSUN, SUN Xin,Toyoya, WANG Dan, XIANG Yao, YU Kun, ZHU Yantong