Duration: 2019.11.29-2019.12.31
Location: MoCA Pavilion
Gate 7 People's Park. 207 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
 Opening hours:Mon.-Sun., 10:00-21:00




​“ Images to me are an asset in the digital world, and they are actually binary Numbers. However, nowadays, the way that the entity becomes virtual has been reversed into the process of the virtual becoming entity. The origin has shifted from reality to the virtual world, and our virtual assets have also become visible images through the display and digital printing. 



From November 29 to December 31, 2019, MoCA Pavilion will present the solo exhibition “1000010” by the young artist Ganggang, covering photography, video, interactive installation. We hope to explore the boundary between digital image and reality.


Ganggang, Lighters and Soft Candy, Photography, 2019


As time flies, more and more kinds of science and technology enable human’s fantasy to become reality. However, artists combine what they see and feel in reality to create stunning virtual images, which are then fed back to the real world through various media and finally it equals actual existence. In “1000010” exhibition, the viewers can observe people and objects in reality under different light, color and motion through creative photography “Lighters and Soft Candy”, surreal fashion film “Cherubim x 2”, and “Unwatched” series of interactive installations. Experience the fading boundary between virtual and reality. Their increasingly frequent intersection expanding the virtual world but also constantly enrich the real world, and make the image art to reach a real fantasy realm. New concepts, logic, and worldviews are rapidly changing our lives and ourselves now.


Ganggang, Cherubim x 2, Video, 2019


Ganggang, Cherubim x 2, Video, 2019


When all kinds of data and information become an extremely large state to show in front of us, it dazzled us, but the same time we can also obtain knowledge from various channels to enrich ourselves, this is our personal wealth, through thinking and integration, then these can be converted into the imagination beyond unique patterns. This is the reason why many artists start to create in the virtual world. The image is not real, but it reflects reality after magnification and auto-criticism.







Co-founder of ATxAT / Creative director

Photographer / Installation creator

Runway show art director



2017 Black Cat Festival-Pioneer Syndrome Art Exhibition

2017 FOB Photography Exhibition-Transition·Evolution

2017-2019  ANGEL CHEN, runway show art director

2018  Woolmark company, Younger, producer, photographer

2018 T Magazine, New York Fashion Week-China Day, documentary director

2018 Wallpaper, Build  / Nylon, Time Segments, photographer

2019 Mclaren, Speed Ahead, film director

2019 ILLUSION GAME, Extraterrestrial Life, film director

2018&19 Unwatched art project with Nicole Zhang



-past artwork-

 Ganggang, Unwatched 3, Installation, 2018 


-past artwork-

 Ganggang, Unwatched 2, Installation, 2018


photo of the exhibition


photo of the exhibition