Martin Heidegger’s Poetically Man Dwells or Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction tried to humanise the coldness of technology via art and poetry. A century has now already passed, and the way in which technology has changed the world has greatly exceeded everyone’s expectations. Technology managed to restore the original beauty of art.

Inspiration in Focus hopes to embrace the new era in aesthetics through technology and social media-based interactions. It encourages people to record the beauty of nature whenever they are inspired, because the meaning of life is not counted in years, but in wonderful moments that add together to make up one’s life journey. All of these fleeting moments can be immortalised in photos, each representing a complete world and an integral life attitude. Photographs are a part of people’s lives and constitute collective memory. Nowadays, they are not only an accurate recording of one’s sensory perception, but also a whimsical recollection of one’s past. They remind people to stay true to their original selves; they are life’s poems as well as document people’s poetic lives.

Images are a graphic language system that does not know any borders. By sentimental linking of the world to passing moments, photos and poetry, artists and ordinary people alike can truly discover the beauty of life.

Co-presented by HUAWEI P20 and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, this exhibition is set to highlight the beauty of nature and life through art and to open a dialogue between self-taught enthusiasts and professional artists. The development of science and technology has brought forth a great number of possibilities, which confirm Joseph Beuys’ words: ‘everyone is an artist.’